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Thinking about showing your cat?

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What Color is My Cat?

The Southeast Region has done a wonderful job explaining about the various colors of cats on their website. They also included many beautiful pictures of cats as examples for the different colors. Thanks to Beth Hicks and the SE Region for allowing us to share!

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Are you ready to give showing a try?

The First in Flight Cat Club's New Exhibitors Page has everything you need to know and more.

Thanks to First in Flight Cat Club for allowing us to share!

Link: First in Flight Cat Club


Ever wonder why pedigreed cats appear to be so expensive?

Liz Hanzen has written an article on the non-profit business of breeding cats. It will shed some light on why breeders charge what they do for their kittens.

Thanks to Liz Hansen for allowing us to share!

Link: The Non-Profit Business of Breeding Cats