Wisconsin-Illinois Cat Fancier's

SHOW INFO – Cat in the Hat Show

March 28-30, 2014


SHOW INFO: This is a bring your own cage show-Sturdis for sale at show. You may bring in food, but we will also be serving dinner on Frifay and lunch Saturday & Sunday.

ON-LINE INFO: For additional information on this show, hotel and to enter on-line, refer to our website at: www.wis-illcatfanciers.com

SHOW HALL: Cudahy Kennel Club, 3820 S. Pennsylvania Ave.  St. Francis, WI.  There is limited parking so please park accordingly.

SHOW HOTEL: La Quinta Inn Milwaukee Airport/Oak Creek, 7141 S. 13th Street, Oak Creek, WI; 414-762-2266 Hotel provides continental breakfast.  Please call 414-762-2266 and use code: Wis Ill Cat. Room rate is: $63.00 for double. There is no pet deposit, but all hotel guests will be expected to comply with TICA’s hotel policy.  The Show Hotel does provide a shuttle to and from the airport (select hours).  If you need transportation to the show hall contact show management and we will arrange that.  FLY INS Contact Desirae at wisillcat@yahoo.com.  She is coordinating shuttle with hotel and will also make arrangement for show hall shuttle.

PAYMENTS: The club accepts paypal payments to wisillcat@yahoo.com or checks made payable to Wisconsin-Illinois Cat Fanciers.


SUPPLIES: Litter will be provided. Please bring your own litter pan, cat food and dishes. People food will be available for dinner Friday and lunch Saturday and Sunday in the show hall. Carry in food as well as Supreme cakes are allowed.

CHECK-IN and HOURS: PLEASE NOTE TIMES!!! Check-in is at 2pm on Friday & 8am on Saturday & Sunday. Show Starts at 3pm on Friday and 9am on Saturday & Sunday. Show hours are 3pm to 9pm on Friday & 9am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday. No one will be allowed to leave early without permission from show management. **Please comply/understand this as spectators are paying to see your cats, not an empty show hall.**

CAGES BENCHING: This is a BRING YOUR OWN CAGE SHOW. We will have a vendor with double sturdy cages for sale at the show (singles can be ordered beforehand). Wire cage rentals are $10 advance/$25 day of show and double space must be purchased for use. Cage spaces measure 22”x22”x22” for a single, and 22”x22”x44” for a double or a groom space.  Wire cages available for rent as well.  SINGLE-CAT ENTRIES WILL BE ASSIGNED A SINGLE CAGE UNLESS AN EXTRA “HALF CAGE” IS REQUESTED AND PAID FOR. Cage bottoms, back, top and sides must be covered. ONLY one adult cat or two kittens permitted per single cage. Benching requests MUST be clearly indicated on the Summary Sheet and will be granted IF ABLE. (Remember, it is a bench REQUEST!) Changing benching without permission of show management will not be allowed. No cats may be kept or displayed in kennels or carriers under cages. Cats may not be kept in the show hall overnight. No sales cages without an entry in the show will be permitted.

HEALTH: This is a non-vetted show. All entries MUST be up to date on all immunizations. Any cat or kitten showing evidence of fungus, ear mites, fleas, or a contagious disease within 21days of the show will be removed from the show hall IMMEDIATELY along with any other cats from the same household/agent and all wins will be forfeited. Cats which are pregnant or lactating will be disqualified. All HHPs 8 mos or older must be altered. Claws must be clipped prior to benching.

CLERKS/STEWARDS: Clerks and Stewards are always needed. Please contact the entry clerk. Do not deduct clerking fees from your entry fees; You will be paid according to time spent clerking at the show. .

SHOW RULES: This show is licensed and scored by The International Cat Association and is subject to their show rules and breed standards. All exhibitors agree by entering to abide by the decisions of the show management and judges. A copy of the show rules is available from the TICA Executive Office, PO Box 2684, Harlingen TX 78551, or online at http://tica.org/members/publications/shw_rules.pdf.  No kitten under 3 months of age will be permitted in the show hall. Proof of age and TICA litter registration must be available. Shelters bringing kittens for adoption must also adhere to this rule but may use a veterinarian’s estimate of age. Declawed cats may be shown. No vending permitted from your benching area. TICA Show Rules will be strictly enforced.

LIABILITY:Wisconsin-Illinois Cat Fanciers, it’s individual members, the show hotels, Cudahy Kennel Club, and TICA will not be held liable for any loss or accident to spectators, exhibitors, cats or personal property.